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Dynamic Accounting Solutions refers to DRN Business Solutions Pty Ltd.

Staff members as referred to above my change without notice and accordingly experiences may differ from time-to-time.

This information is general in nature only and is not tax or financial advice and should not be acted upon without obtaining the advice of a professional pertaining to your specific circumstances.  Your circumstances may differ and this may not be suitable to you.

Dynamic Accounting Solutions use their expertise to classify and code information supplied by the client.  There is no verification or audit undertaken unless specifically advised.

Dynamic Accounting Solutions enters into discussions and prepares financial statements and tax returns based solely upon the information supplied by the client.  There is no verification or tests for accuracy of the information supplied.

Clients are reminded that it is their responsibility to keep the appropriate records for the required time as dictated by various government authorities and statutes.

Further, it is the responsibility of the client to maintain and attest to the correctness of the information and records held.

If you have read this information please note that Dynamic Accounting Solutions bears no responsibility for any actions you might take or not take and again reminds you to seek suitable advice from a trained professional who will advise you whether these products or services are suitable to your situation.